Sunday, September 30, 2012

Christmas BOM

Hi all - Thanks for coming to class on Saturday. I had a good time and I hope you did too. It is always fun to learn new things and I hope you are enjoying making your half square triangles with the Triangles on a Roll paper.

Below are the directions and photos in case you need this to put your blocks together. Ideally, we would have put these together in class, but we all know what happened there! Thanks for rolling with my mistake!

Directions for putting together the pieced blocks for our Christmas BOM.
Remember - we have 13 blocks in this quilt. Each block is made of 4 sections. So, we need 52 of these little sections.

(I didn't take pictures of the three rows you sew together to make this section. If you need that please look at the pattern)

Once you have the 52 units together and before you add on the green triangle, make sure you trim to 1/4" from the middle red triangle.

Trim with your rotary cutter...and you'll just be taking a hair off.

Now add the green triangle to make this unit into a square.

Turn it over and sew from the other side so you can keep an eye on your seam.

After sewing the green triangle on remember to press toward the green, not open. Sew two of the blocks together, lining up the seams and pinning and press the seam open after sewing.

I stacked my sections so I could make sure my blocks were going to be scrappy before I pinned them. I pinned in three places, see below. After sewing this final seam, remember to press it open.

 And you're done!

Feels good, right?

Our next session is Oct. 27 and we will finally be working with our wool! Please come to class with some of your blocks you have been embroidering the words on. We'll go through cutting our figures, pressing our wool and hand blanket stitching these to our blocks. The threat we will use for the blanket stitching will be in. We'll have lots of fun making our shapes and adding them to our blocks.
Congratulations to everyone on getting your first embroidered blocks ready! They looked great.

Don't hesitate to email me if you have any questions!
- Sarah