Sunday, November 14, 2010

Prairie Womens Sewing Circle, Project 1

I completed my first Prairie Women's Sewing Circle mini quilt on Sunday. Our next class session is on Tuesday, so that means I have had one month to work on this project. But, my t-shirt quilt projects got in the way of my own quilting projects, so I wasn't able to start on it as soon as I would have liked. I delivered my two quilt projects on Saturday, so Sunday was my day to sew for myself! Our task was to create this quilt using just two colors. After much deliberation I chose these two cream and purple fabrics.  This class focuses on making due with similar I had to add some star points that were close to the star fabric.  I really enjoyed this project from the piecing to the quilting and binding. I used a mini flying geese ruler to make the geese. I think the quilt is about 12 by 19 or so.

You can see my 'make due' points good in this picture, but they are not extremely obvious.      

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