Wednesday, January 5, 2011

FWSQ for January

It's time for our January blocks already. We'll be doing some easy piecing this month. Our project for in class will be to make the Postage Stamp block.
I did my sample by cutting 36 little 1 1/2" squares and piecing them together one by one. Won't make that mistake again...I'll say I was trying to be authentic.

We'll, you're welcome to piece this block together by sewing together several strips of contrasting fabric, subcutting those and then sewing them back together. Should be easier than sewing a million 1 1/2" seams.

So, your assignment is to bring four fabrics you want in your postage stamp block. We'll swap some pieces if that's ok with you, too.

Here are the blocks as colored in EQ. Bring whichever colors you choose! I know these are pretty boring blocks, but thought it would be cool to swap a few fabrics with other folks to add something different.

See you Friday night or Saturday!

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  1. Love the block. Sorry I'm not there to swap. Lorna