Wednesday, March 30, 2011

April Blocks

Believe it or not we are more than a week into Spring. To celebrate Spring I decided to pull several of the Farmer's Wife blocks that have birds in the name or have something to do with birds, and we'll be working on those this month.

Hovering Birds, Hovering Hawks, Swallow, Flock, Buzzards Roost and Bat Wing.

We'll be doing Bat Wing in class and YES! ladies we will be foundation piecing it. (I can hear a moan coming from Monticello with that news!) However, because I love ya all, I have also put the directions for that block in rotary cutting terms! I figured out how to do that 39 degree angle just for those ladies who don't like to do foundation piecing.

But, honestly, I found it easier to foundation piece this block.

Here are the two images of the block, one in Miniatures fabric and the other in Arnold's Attic.

So, bring your fabrics and your machines if you want and we'll put this bad boy (or Bat Boy!) together in class on Friday, April 1, at 6 p.m. or on Saturday, April 9, at 9-11 or 12-2.

I've taken some time to get my schedule organized. According to my figures, after April we will be 40 percent of the way done with this project. That is - we'll have 44 of the 111 blocks done (I'm sure everyone has their blocks up-to-date, right??????). I've divided out the remainder of the blocks according to their construction type and I came up with some of my own categories: Easy, Small Triangles, Flying Geese and a category called "Strange Piecing." Ohh. Can't wait to tackle those blocks! The title of that group should be: How in the heck am I going to do that block?

See you soon.

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