Thursday, June 23, 2011

I love it when a donation finds a home

Remember that donation quilt from a few posts back? Well, it has been delivered and an article appeared in today's newspaper about it!
Take a look!

The Neoga Booster Club quilt was delivered last week and raffled at our annual Neoga Days over the weekend. Congratulations to Randy and Karen Mayhall of Sigel. I hear they are both graduates of NHS, so this prize will really mean something to them!
P.S. I'm glad my Mom didn't win it! She won my Neoga Booster Club donation quilt last year. Just a little embarassing.

And those t-shirt pillows - I also hear they were well received at the auction. I've since bought a shirt I'd like to use as an outdoor pillow and I also have a vacation shirt from Mexico that will make a perfect pillow.

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